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By Carol Besler-Snell on 10/27/2014

Best Dog Photo of the week 10/24/2014

This photo taken by dog handler Hannah features Ginger G. (Vizsla Mix) playing with Yogi A. (Tibetan Terrier). Sometimes play gets so fast that dogs with a lot of hair like Yogi turn into big moving balls of fur. As you can see here it makes for some great snapshots!

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  1. Edison - December 11, 2015

    MikeMarch 16, 2011Yogi looks like a good and faithful comnapion.Love his colours. I just got a new baby, shes 10 weeks, Dakota, not sure what brand’ she is, she sure is cute tho, and a real good dog too.Sara is my old girl, she turns 14 in a few weeks here. Shes doing well in her old age, and putting up with pup as best she can. They both say Hi and barked out a big Happy Birthday for Yogi.