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Best dog photo of the week 10/31/2014

Lots of our dog clients had great Halloween costumes this year! This photo features Kona B., a Siberian husky, dressed as the headless horseman. Dog handler Annie gets credit for capturing this photo in mid howl!

By Carol Besler-Snell on 11/11/2014

Best Dog Photo of the week 10/24/2014

This photo taken by dog handler Hannah features Ginger G. (Vizsla Mix) playing with Yogi A. (Tibetan Terrier). Sometimes play gets so fast that dogs with a lot of hair like Yogi turn into big moving balls of fur. As […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 10/27/2014

Dogs At Play–What the Photos Tell Us

Launching our Best Dog Photo of the Week on our Blog seems like a great opportunity to share some information on dog communication and behavior.  So here is a little info on each photo we have featured so far: Week […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 10/23/2014

Best dog photo of the week 10/17/2014

This photo features a group of our Bernese mountain dogs, taken by our dog handler Kayla. They are from two different families (each own two). It’s fun to see how same breeds tend to gravitate toward each other. This is […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 10/21/2014

Best Dog Photo of the week 10/10/2014

This photo features Nala Mc. (Alapaha blue blood bulldog) and her brother Mac Mc. (Bull terrier). Some dogs love to pose for the camera, and our dog handler Ryan was able to get this cute family photo.

By Carol Besler-Snell on 10/14/2014