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How to Help Your Dog Adjust During a Move

doggy daycare coralville

Moving affects all family members, including your pets. For dogs, a move can be stressful because they love routine.  Any changes in their routine can cause anxiety.  At home, dogs get very used to their current environment, house design, and […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/17/2016

FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Periods)

doggie daycare coralville

What does it mean when your sweet, cute, gentle little pup suddenly shoots off the furniture, runs in circles, attacks any toy in sight, growls and barks like mad, and generally acts like a little kook? It means your puppy […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/10/2016

The Benefits of Crate Training

the benefits of crate training

It is not a cage! Not a prison either! It’s actually a safe place for your dog. Dogs are “den animals” by nature, which means they like to be physically surrounded by something and even seek this out for rest […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/09/2016

What People Get Wrong When Socializing Dogs

what people get wrong when socializing dogs

Socialization is something that is taught to domestic dogs, not innately learned. While puppies learn a tremendous amount about interacting and communicating with other dogs from their mother and litter-mates—particularly between the ages of 5 and 8 weeks of age—there […]

By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/07/2016

How the Term “Socialization” Can Be Misunderstood

socialization for dogs

Sometimes people don’t clearly understand what “socializing” a dog means—or the benefits of doing so. Socializing means exposing a dog to a variety of dogs, people, and experiences so they know how to deal with new and different things. Socializing includes teaching a dog how to get along with strangers, other dogs, children and other animals as well.

By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/01/2016