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Dog Boarding & Daycare in the Iowa City Area

Private Obedience Training

At Just Dogs PlayCare, we specialize in private obedience training sessions.  That means we meet with an owner and their dog to work on specific obedience issues and establish personalized goals for obedience.

Because we think of dog obedience training as a collaboration between humans and their dog companions, we only offer training that owners attend with their dogs, as we feel it’s important that YOU learn training techniques. Your dog may perform well for an instructor—but isn’t it most important how he or she performs for you?

Hours for Private Obedience Training:  Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM-5:30 PM.  We currently do not offer private obedience training on weekends.

How to Get Started with Private Obedience Training

E-mail us at info@justdogsplaycare.com or call us at 319-545-7111 to ask about individualized training for your dog. Here’s the info we need to know:

  • Your name, phone number, & email address
  • Your dog’s name, breed, gender, age
  • Your obedience training needs in brief (50-100 words)

We will contact you by email to schedule your Obedience Intake Interview (see right).  WAIT LIST for Private Obedience Training — Usually takes 2-4 weeks for first appointment

“We Train, You Train”TM: Private Training for Daycare Customers

Another great option for those whose dogs attend daycare at JDPC is our “We Train, You Train”TM program!  As we get to know your dog through regular attendance in our daycare play groups, we can assess the best ways to work with your dog on obedience training issues…and then meet to transfer the knowledge to you!

Click Here for More Information:    We Train You Train 4-2019

Small Group Obedience Classes

There are benefits to both private obedience training and group obedience training.  We try to hold very small classes so we can give more one-on-one feedback to owners as they work with their dogs.

Frequently Held Classes:

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy & Young Dog Obedience

Basic Adult Dogs Obedience

Agility for Fun & Exercise

Due to renovation and construction at JDPC during the Fall of 2019, we will not be starting up any new small group classes.  We expect to resume our class schedule in early 2020.  For more information, or to be added to our mailing list for future classes, please email info@justdogsplaycare.com.

Lunch-Time Seminars

Enroll in one of these hour-long seminars for tips on solving problem behavior with your dog.  If interested in attending, please email us for date/time of seminar: info@justdogsplaycare.com

  • Stopping Fido from Jumping Up on People & Counter-Surfing
  • Someone’s at the Door–Can Someone Make the Dog Quit Barking
  • Bonded Dogs and Littermates: Developing Separate Identities
  • Shy/Fearful Dog Issues
  • Reactivity or Aggression toward Other Dogs
  • Stranger Danger: Fear of People

Positive Reinforcement Obedience Training

We use only Positive Reinforcement Training at JDPC. This means we will set your dog up for success by teaching what we want and then rewarding when the dog does it right. Treats, toys, happy voice, and lots of fun accompany the learning!

  • Positive, gentle training methods used, including massage and Tellington T-Touch® body work and movement exercises
  • Training on Halti® headcollar and Easy Walk® Harness available–great for pullers and reactive dogs
  • Full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Small classes allow much more individualized attention!

We often incorporate agility obstacles in our obedience training as a way to make learning more fun!


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