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Obedience Training and Classes

No classes are currently scheduled.  If you are interested in a particular obedience offering, please email us and provide the information listed below.

**All sessions are one hour in length.**

Basic Obedience Classes (Available to All)

Puppy Kindergarten – 5 sessions  $145

Basic Obedience for Older Puppies & Young Adult Dogs – 5 sessions  $145

Basic Obedience for Adult Dogs – 5 sessions  $145

Advanced Obedience (pre-requisite: 2 of the above classes) – 4 sessions  $185

JDPC-Only Obedience Classes (Available to JDPC Dog Daycare Customers Only)

Puppy Kindergarten for Senior Humans & Their Puppies – 6 sessions  $195

Basic Obedience for Senior Humans & Their Older Puppies or Young Adult Dogs – 6  sessions  $195

Agility Just for Fun – 4 sessions  $185

Specialty Obedience Classes (Available to JDPC Dog U© Members Only)

Obedience for Shy & Timid Dogs – 4 sessions  $195

Obedience for Dogs with Mild to Moderate Reactivity – 4 sessions  $225

Enrichment Obedience – 4 sessions  $155

Private Obedience Training (Available to JDPC Dog U© Members Only)

Private Training – $95 per session; or $250 for 3 sessions

“We Train, You Train”© – Assisted obedience training for Dog U© Member dogs while attending daycare – see prices here

“We Train, You Train”© – Helping YOU Help Your Dog Get It!

If you are interested in obedience training services at Just Dogs Playcare, please email us at info@justdogsplaycare.com and provide the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, and email address
  • Your dog’s name, age, breed, and gender
  • Which obedience class you are interested in
  • Brief explanation of why you want to enroll in this class with your dog or puppy (50-100 words)
  • As class size is limited and demand is often high, we will give priority to those who can attend all classes

Please note: we do not provide obedience solutions over email.  That’s what training is for!

Positive Reinforcement Obedience Training

We use only Positive Reinforcement Training at JDPC, as we always focus on being kind in our efforts to help dogs learn.  As we teach, and help YOU teach, we work to set your dog up for success by teaching an association between positive behavior and rewards.  Rewards are sometimes treats.  But sometimes they are belly rubs, a big smile, a happy voice, and lots of kisses!

Just Dogs is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and has trained using Tellington T-Touch® body work and movement exercises to help puppies and dogs get grounded so they are more responsive to learning.

We sell many of the products we use in obedience training, including the Easy Walk Harness®, the Halti® and Gentle Leader® headcollars, waist leashes for manners training, and more!


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