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By Carol Besler-Snell on 04/29/2016

the importance of dogs having work and purpose

The Importance of Dogs Having Work and Purpose

When I started this business in 2003, I created a mission statement, which is “to give dogs work and purpose.”  The idea behind this is that when dogs come to Just Dogs Play Care, they are not just laying around at home all day.  When they come to here, they are getting a totally interactive experience.  There is always lots to do and lots to watch!

Just a few of the things dogs can learn from a purpose-driven dog daycare environment like ours:

  • how to follow the rules
  • how to nicely meet other dogs and humans
  • how to wait their turn
  • how to do basic obedience commands
  • how to better communicate with other dogs and people too!

All of this is WORK to a dogDogs do not have to be pulling a dogsled or wearing a backpack or sniffing out drug dealers to be working.  Everyday domestic dogs are working just by having something to do with their time and energy (mental and physical).

In addition to learning, there are also lots of things they can help us with around the dog daycare, such as filling water buckets, counting the dogs,  taking out the trash, folding towels, helping us socialize a shy dog, etc.

We have SUCH A GREAT JOB to be allowed to work with all of these dogs and help give them a sense of purpose!!  Just showing them that they are loved and needed makes them feel like they have purpose.  (Doesn’t being loved make you feel that way?)

So a HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful dog owners out there who bring their dogs to Just Dogs Play Care for dog daycare, dog bathing, or overnight dog boarding.  We love having them here!  They give our lives work and purpose!



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