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By Carol Besler-Snell on 06/22/2016

martingale collars

Reasons to Consider the Martingale Collar Over the Choke Collar

A Martingale collar, also known as a limited slip collar, is a dog training collar that is made out of nylon or fabric to form a circle like most collars. However, the Martingale has a crescent shape at the back formed by another piece of the same material. The large loop fits around the dog’s neck while the small loop fits the back of the neck. It features a D-ring attached to the leash. The collar fits loosely to keep the dog comfortable. But, when the dog pulls, the second loop tightens the collar around the neck. When the pull/ tension eases, the collar loosens.

Reasons to consider the Martingale collar over the choke collar

Allows you to correct your dog gently

When walking or training your dog, it is common for her to lose concentration or be distracted by another dog. With a Martingale collar, you easily and effectively get your dog back on track. You simply pull slightly to exert pressure on the collar and cause it to tighten. The dog will not slip off, and she will divert her attention back to you or the desired activity prior to the distraction. Remember to reward her for accepting your correction positively.

They are safe and flexible

Martingale collars tighten slightly under tension making it hard to choke your dog. Moreover, the dog cannot slip off the collar. This is especially beneficial for dogs with narrow heads, like greyhounds, and bully breed dogs with wide heads and necks. Such dogs may easily slip off other types of collars but not the Martingale collar.

It doubles as an everyday collar and a training collar

The slight tension a Martingale collar applies on the dog and the slip off prevention it offers makes it ideal for training, especially puppy training. Unlike choke and prong collars that should be only be used during training due to safety concerns, the Martingale can be worn during any activity: training, lounging around the house, and walking your dog.

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  1. J Vining - January 29, 2023

    The constriction of a choke collar is limited only by the neck of the dog. And the damage to the dog can be gradual. While a martingale collar is set to restrict only as far as you set it. As already stated, a martingale collar won’t choke a dog out. A martingale collar is flat with more width more a choke collar may be chin like or a slip color basically a thin rope like collar. Nlfor those that claim there is no difference, I ask you to do some valid research and come back with what you have learned.

  2. Ramona Boston - March 5, 2022

    No, it is not the same as a choke collar, it’s much gentler and will not choke out an animal if caught on something. Better to be thought a fool than to state one’s opinion and remove all doubt.

  3. Jaimeson - June 6, 2021

    This is just stupid, same as a choke collar

  4. Lesa - January 9, 2017

    Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kngleedow. Sinful?